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Our customer service department based in Saint Malo is able to help you in case of difficulty with a product marketed by Seatronic. You will find below our operating procedure.

To contact us:

  • By email:
  • By phone: 02 22 22 66 54 16
  • Address for material shipment: Seatronic, 14 boulevard de la République, Pôle technique Duguay Trouin, 35400 Saint Malo

For any complaint, please provide us with the references of your purchase (invoice), the description of the breakdown and your contact details by completing the after-sales service return form available under this link.

Download the after-sales service procedure in pdf format.

Warranty conditions :

The product warranty applies to equipment sold by Seatronic for a period notified on the product documentation (this period may vary from 2 to 10 years depending on the references).

This warranty does not cover any of the following:

  • Damage or defects resulting from use or handling of the product not in accordance with its normal use.
  • Accidents, fires, liquids, chemicals, other substances, floods, vibrations, excessive heat, inadequate ventilation, overvoltages, excessive or inadequate power supply, radiation, electrostatic discharges, including lightning, other external forces and effects.
  • The presence of liquid or other product or traces of external or internal corrosion.
  • Loss of time, inconvenience, travel expenses, dismantling, disassembly or reinstallation costs of the product.
  • We remind you that any attempt at repair by a third party may result in the invalidity of the warranty and/or a refusal to repair.

Checks before any request for warranty coverage:

It is your responsibility to check if the device is really defective, malfunctions can be caused by external factors (connections, fuses, settings, battery status etc...)

Product warranty outside central units: If during the warranty period a product proves defective, contact us by email or phone and we will give you a tracking number. This number will be used in all exchanges.

  • If the product in question corresponds to a purchase of less than three months, a Colissimo return form will be sent to you. As soon as the product is received, an email message will confirm the good reception in our workshops. We will then proceed either to repair or exchange it within a maximum of 8 working days
  • If the product in question corresponds to a purchase of more than three months, you are responsible for returning the product. As soon as we receive the product, an email message will confirm that it has been received in our workshops. We will then proceed either to repair or exchange it within a maximum of 8 working days.

In all cases, if the controlled product has no defects, you will be charged return shipping costs and any costs related to the workshop intervention. For certain specific products such as alternator chargers, batteries, etc., a questionnaire will be sent to you before any return of equipment. This questionnaire will be returned to us to refine the diagnosis in order to determine whether or not the equipment should be returned to us.

Our commitment is to provide you with a solution within 8 days once we have all the elements.

Central processing unit warranty :

If during the warranty period a CPU is found to be defective, we will ask you to return it to us for repair. CAUTION, if the defect is not caused by the CPU but by a problem with software, anti-virus and other programs set up by you, the time spent analyzing the failure and repairing the CPU will be charged at the current rate.

For out of warranty products: If the product can be repaired, we will ask you to return the defective equipment to us for a repair quotation. If the product cannot be repaired, we will send you a commercial proposal for a replacement.

Special Conditions: In certain emergency situations, replacement equipment may exceptionally be shipped to you before receiving the defective equipment. In this case we will ask you for a deposit for the value of the equipment.

Workshop services for which the product defect is not confirmed will be invoiced after a telephone exchange.

Conditions of transport:

The product exchange conditions are only applicable in metropolitan France. For all claims outside the territory, an exchange will be necessary to optimize transport costs and delays.

Some pricing conditions outside the warranty:

  • Product support: 15,00 € HT.
  • Workshop labour: 52,00 € HT per hour
  • Computer manpower: 55,00 € HT per hour
  • Backplane replacement: 300,00 € HT
  • Replacement of hard disk by a 250 GB SSD hard disk : 240,00 € HT
  • Battery replacement and BIOS repair: 55,00 € HT