New products

  • New
  • Excellentes performances en cyclage
  • Technologie GEL VRLA
  • Séparateur AGM
  • Etanche et sans entretien
  • Dimensions (l*L*h): 330*171*214 mm
  • Poids: 29.5 kg
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The latest generation of Power Q converters (power greater than 350 watts) is distinguished by its style. The aluminium housing is particularly robust and allows heat to be dissipated efficiently. This new range of converters is 40% less cumbersome than the previous generation, they also have variable speed fans to limit noise pollution as much as possible.
The other specificities remain identical to the previous version with an excellent efficiency (between 85 and 95% depending on the temperature). They are also protected against reverse polarity at the input and against short-circuits at the output. These converters are available in 12 or 24v versions.
Other features:

  • Thermal protection
  • Protection of the battery against deep discharges (10.5v cut-off).
  • Overload protection
  • The power given is the nominal power and they are able to accept peak powers from 50% to 100% of their capacity particularly useful for starting electric motors (see table below).
  • From 1000 watts, the converters are delivered with a remote control that allows to manage the ignition and gives indications on the status (on/off, temperature alarms, and overload).