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SUNPOWER Seatronic flexible solar panels:

  • VERY HIGH EFFICIENCY CELLS: Sunpower cells are 20 to 30% more efficient than monocrystalline cells and have the added advantage of being extremely reliable (SunPower photovoltaic cells hold the world record for energy production). For example, SUNPOWER solar cells were selected to power the Solar Impulse solar aircraft.

  • PERFECTLY WATERPROOF DESIGN: These beautifully finished solar panels are guaranteed for five years on parts and labor, and their output is guaranteed for five years at 90%.

  • MANUFACTURING QUALITY: These solar panels are also manufactured in accordance with ISO9001 and ISO140001 standards to ensure the highest level of quality.

  • TRACEABILITY: Each module is individually tested under ISO conditions and has a unique serial number that cannot be altered to ensure a certified level of quality.

  • MODULAR INSTALLATION: These solar panels are available in special versions for installation on bimini and canopy and for installation on deck thanks to their very low thickness and reduced weight (three times lighter than a rigid panel for the same power). On the standard version, eyelets are available to facilitate the fixing and their flexibility of 30% allows them to be installed on curved supports.