Sunpower Seatronic semi-rigid flush deck solar panels:

  • VERY HIGH EFFICIENCY CELLS: Sunpower cells are 20 to 30% more efficient than monocrystalline cells, and have the added advantage of being extremely reliable (SunPower photovoltaic cells hold the world record for energy production). SUNPOWER photovoltaic cells, for example, were selected to power the Solar Impulse solar airplane.

  • PERFECTLY WATERPROOF DESIGN: These beautifully finished solar panels come with a five-year parts and labor warranty, and a 10-year 90% performance guarantee.

  • MANUFACTURING QUALITY: These solar panels are manufactured to ISO9001 and ISO140001 standards to guarantee the highest level of quality.

  • TRACEABILITY: Each module is individually tested under ISO conditions, and has a unique serial number that cannot be altered to guarantee a certified level of quality.

  • INSTALLATION : These solar panels are unique in that their connectors are located on the back of the panel. They are therefore designed to be glued to the deck. Semi-flexible, they easily follow the curves of the boat, with 10% flexibility. The fiberglass backing ensures resistance to trampling, while the ETFE structure provides an anti-slip surface. Areas can be drilled if required for eyelet or Tenax installation.