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Load balancers

Load balancers allow a given current source (often the alternator) to recharge several battery banks at the same time (as many banks as they have outputs) while isolating them.

Two types of distributors are available:

  • Lossless splitters (pro split system): This new generation of splitters is microprocessor controlled. In addition to splitting the alternator power with an excellent efficiency (the voltage drop is 0.01V at full power), they offer other advanced features such as priority to the battery that must meet a high demand (as when using the windlass), protection of the batteries in case of alternator failure. This system is compatible with the external alternator regulator such as the pdar, the advantage being in this case not to generate a loss of power unlike the old model. The range extends from 60 to 180A and is available with two or three outputs.
  • The classic diode splitters with loss: They isolate perfectly the battery banks but have the disadvantage of generating a voltage drop (due to the diode) which does not allow to recharge the batteries at the appropriate threshold, except if the splitter is associated with an external alternator regulator like the pdar. This system also leads to a power loss. The range extends from 70A to 160A and is available in two or three output versions.

However, it should be noted that no matter which dispatching system is used, it does not replace an external alternator regulator such as a pdar or an alternator charger which allow an efficient charge cycle (IuoU) to be applied to the service batteries.