Seatronic wind turbines

Wind turbines can provide significant energy production as soon as the wind is strong enough. With 12 knots of wind, in 24 hours the S300 wind turbine will produce 1680 Wh or 140 Ah at 12 volts. This quantity is generally sufficient to compensate for the consumption of a cruising boat.

Particularly light (6.5kg), the body of the wind turbine is made of magnalium (an aluminum alloy specially designed to resist corrosion). The turbine is also epoxy-painted.

Our wind turbines are supplied with an external regulator, which offers the dual advantage of having no electronic parts in the body of the wind turbine (greater reliability) and limiting cable cross-section constraints from the wind turbine (three-phase current). The quality of our wind turbines' design and manufacture means that they are guaranteed for 2 years.