Our 12V LED display recommendations! Seatronic LED displays have been selected for their specific, low-power characteristics. We currently offer two ranges, "Yachting/Régate" and "Motor/Professional" in 15" and 17" sizes.

The"Pleasure/Régate" range has been specially designed for sailboat racing skippers. These very light models, weighing in at just 800g, are equally well suited to pleasure boating. The 16:9 format is nevertheless more fragile than a professional model, which is reinforced against shoulder blows, for example, but thanks to its format, it allows you to view navigation equipment often placed on the right-hand edge of the navigation chart. Finally, their power consumption is minimal, at just 7 watts, and they offer good luminosity. The only drawback is that light reflection can be a nuisance if placed in a very bright area. 2-year warranty.

The "Motor/Professional" range is actually more suited to our fishing professionals. They are more robust than traditional models, with reinforced plastic frames and increased weight/density (approx. 2 kg). They offer exceptional luminosity with no reflections (matte surface) and have a traditional 4/3 format more appreciated in this field of activity. Power consumption is less than 10 watts. 3-year warranty.