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  • AIS/ARPA included
  • navNet 3D/TZT/TZT2 compatible, DRS and FAR 2xx7 Radars
  • 1 installation - without cartography - compatible with S57 format
  • software can be delivered on a 32Gb USB key (Optional)
  • Allows you to display the sonar image in TIMEZERO.
  • Compatible with DFF1/DFF3/DFF1-UHD/BBDS1/FCV1150 models.
  • Does not allow data logging

Maxsea navigator is the most widely used software in the world of offshore racing and yachting. Its user-friendly interface makes it easy to get to grips with the main functions, and informatique&mer has also developed its own chart format (mapmédia), sold at a competitive price. The following optional modules are available: Routing Module, AIS Module, Performance Module.
Also of interest is the maxsea Easy offer, which in addition to the maxsea navigator software includes a range of charts for areas such as France, Spain...