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12 Volt lithium batteries with integrated BMS

Advantage of Seatronic Optimum Power lithium batteries:

  • EXCEPTIONAL CYCLING PERFORMANCE: 5,000 100% discharge cycles for 1C use, that's a 1000% performance increase over the best gel batteries on the market.

  • EASY TO INSTALL: Connect your Optimum Power batteries as a replacement for your lead acid batteries and they are ready to use. Optimum Power batteries incorporate a built-in protection circuit (BMS) that is designed to protect the battery and maintain it at its optimum capacity throughout its life.

  • FLEXIBLE CONFIGURATION: Batteries can be paralleled to increase available capacity or daisy-chained to provide a higher voltage bank.

  • 3 TO 4 TIMES HIGHER RECHARGE INTENSITY: the recharge of a lead-acid battery is limited to 25% - 30% of its nominal capacity compared to 100% or more for OPTIMUM POWER® batteries. The end of charge is also very fast and the absorption cycle is reduced.

  • 80% DISCHARGE WITHOUT VOLTAGE DROP: Optimum Power batteries can be fully discharged. At 85% discharge rate, the voltage of the batteries remains above 12V. The full capacity is therefore available.

  • 5 YEARS WARRANTY - GREAT ROBUSTNESS: the quality of the cells and the management circuit of the set (BMS) allows to ensure a 5 years warranty on parts and labor