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Based in France, in Saint-Malo, since 2006 Seatronic is providing solutions to any project related to autonomous energy management and embedded computing. Our premises being located in the heart of a historic britannic port on the Channel Coast, the heart of our activity is naturally turned towards the sea. We address the areas of offshore racing, regatta, energy circuit optimization, long-distance travel projects, refit, professional fishing, yachting.

We sail regularly ourselves and have a very practical approach to the possibilities and constraints of the marine environment. 

Our added value is our commitment to solutions that give real satisfaction to your end customers. We are able to support you in the implementation of your projects by offering in-depth pre-studies, accompanied by competent choices of innovative products perfectly adapted to on-board use. 


Our offer is composed of products of which we are manufacturers and designers (Hydrogenerator S600, Seatronic battery manager, Optimum Power lithium batteries, Sunpower solar panels, embedded computers, Pro EPS converters and chargers, electrical panels) and products of major brands that we distribute (Sterling, Solara, Newmax). 


Each product we offer is subjected to a series of in-depth quality tests in our testing centre in Saint-Malo. Our embedded computers are manufactured in our computer workshop and all support is managed on our premises. In the spirit of sustainable development, we strive to reduce our carbon footprint by offering repairable products: the range of PCs, EPS converters, solar panels, regatta screens. 

By offering high quality products, we are able to offer advantageous warranty conditions. For example, our current range of flexible Sunpower Seatronic solar panels comes with a 5-year warranty, unique on the market. 


With our professional partners, we are committed to providing efficient after-sales support, providing troubleshooting in 24 hours in metropolitan France and in 72 hours maximum in Europe. For any support question, we accompany you until the solution of the problem. 


Innovation and constant dialogue with our supplier partners contribute equally to the launch of new products and the structuring of our offer. The close relationships we maintain with our suppliers allow us to continuously adapt the characteristics of our product range to the real needs of the field. 


In order to provide a suitable service to professionals, we have a logistics centre in Saint-Malo where we maintain a stock so that orders can be delivered within 24 hours throughout France and within 72 hours in Europe.


We assume that the sharing of knowledge is an asset for all. We ourselves continuously learn from our customers and suppliers and share our know-how and experiences on our website and our blog. Our blog is updated in parallel to technological advances. In our articles, it is with pleasure that we will highlight your structure on the occasion of our collaborations for your best achievements.