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Two chart formats are available:

Mapmedia charts: This chart format is developed by the company informatique&mer and works only with maxsea. The coverage is worldwide and the proposed charts are issued from the official hydrographic services, which facilitates the transition from paper charts to digital cartography. These charts are offered at a competitive price in different zone formats (standard zone, wide zone and mega wide zone). Tidal current charts are also available.

Maptech charts: Maptech distributes charts in bsb format (this is the official NOAA (National Ocean & Atmospheric Administration) format). This chart format promoted by the Americans and distributed by Maptech is a proprietary format that has one of the best coverage worldwide. The charts available for France are those of the Shom. Note that mapmedia charts are distributed with the offshore navigator lite software.

For more information on the different electronic chart formats available, you can also consult our consulting site.