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  • New
  • Excellentes performances en cyclage
  • Technologie GEL VRLA
  • Séparateur AGM
  • Etanche et sans entretien
  • Dimensions (l*L*h): 330*171*214 mm
  • Poids: 29.5 kg
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The idea of creating a new battery monitor was born in response to the fact that existing battery monitors lacked clarity and were difficult to use. Since well-maintained batteries are part of comfort, but also of safety on board, our wish was to create a reliable and efficient monitor, but which would also have a simple and intuitive user interface.

The new Seatronic battery monitor is characterized by its precision and ease of use. Thanks to its large LCD screen (65*37 mm), all the parameters indicating the precise state of the park are accessible at a glance.