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Battery charger: Pro Batt Ultre range not waterproof


This model has the same features as the previous range in a more compact housing. Compared to the previous generation, it incorporates the possibility of reducing the charging voltage independently of the alternator (some current alternators have a charging voltage that is too high to ensure the recharging (particularly in the maintenance phase) of service batteries.


This innovative product combines an extremely efficient battery charger ensuring a fast and complete recharge from the alternator and a latest generation MPPT regulator. It has innovative features such as the maintenance of the engine battery by the solar panel.

Installation of the DC :

Its installation is very simple as it is connected between the engine battery and the service park (in the same way as a relay). Its activation is automatic (depending on the voltage level) and does not require additional wiring even when the vehicle is equipped with the EURO 6 standard (Vehicles with regenerative brakes recharge only during the braking phases. The latest versions of battery chargers bypass this limitation and ensure efficient charging of the service batteries even in this configuration).