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  • New
  • Excellentes performances en cyclage
  • Technologie GEL VRLA
  • Séparateur AGM
  • Etanche et sans entretien
  • Dimensions (l*L*h): 330*171*214 mm
  • Poids: 29.5 kg
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12 Volt lithium batteries optimum power with integrated BMS

OPTIMUM POWER® lithium batteries are designed to easily replace lead batteries (conventional lead, gel or AGM) for any application requiring a storage solution with superior performance (weight, charging speed or cycling performance).
OPTIMUM POWER® have a BMS (battery management system) integrated into the battery and therefore do not require any modification of the installation when replacing lead batteries with these latest generation lithium batteries.
The installation of these Lithium batteries is therefore easy for any use requiring high quality and high performance batteries. These batteries are designed to be used as service batteries but can also be used as temporary starter batteries.