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Galvanic insulator 50 A
  • New
  • Power: 50A
  • Prevents galvanic leakage currents
  • 220*165*100mm
  • 1.8 kg
  • Warranty: 2 years
Galvanic insulator 30 A
  • New
  • Power: 30A
  • Prevents galvanic leakage currents
  • 220*120*100mm
  • 1.5 kg
  • Warranty: 2 years
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ATQ OF 3-35A


AMT OF 20-80A

ANL OF 80-500A

The use of fuses for an electrical boat installation is strongly recommended for safety reasons. To avoid any risk of corrosion, the fuses and fuse holders offered are gold-plated.
They perform two main functions:

  • Limit damage in the event of a short circuit (a large short circuit can lead to a fire)
  • Protect electrical equipment in the event of a problem on the network

For these reasons, it is important to provide a fuse adapted to each of the on-board circuits.
Four families of fuses/fuse holders are available depending on the desired power

Type Power consumption Fuse holder Use of the system
AMT 20 to 80A 2 to 4 fuses Fuse for high current distribution.
ATQ 3 to 35A 2 to 4 fuses Fuse for low current distribution.
WUA 1 to 80A 1 to 4 fuses Fuse for high or low current distribution.
ANL 100 to 500A 1 fuse Fuse for high power converters, starters or any high power device