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Explanation of iridium communication prices:

  • Countdown in 20-second increments: free of charge
  • Receiving SMS / calls / contact with customer service: free of charge
  • SMS cost: 20 units
  • Communication iridium to iridium / : 30 units / min
  • Cost of iridium communications to other satellite terminals: 540 units/min
  • Cost to wired/GSM communication and data: 60 units / min
  • Data: 60 units / min

Thus a recharging of 4500 units will allow 75 minutes of communication to mobiles or fixed phones or 150 minutes of communication to another Iridium terminal. Note that in addition to the minutes of communication, the use of the iridium service requires an up-to-date SIM card.

On the other hand, some refills only allow use for voice while others are compatible with voice and data (this is clearly shown in the product name). Note that to receive a grib file, it takes two minutes to count the session set-up time.