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Iridium Motorola 9555 Satellite Phone

The Iridium 9555 is a compact, lightweight and easy-to-use satellite phone. With a very robust construction, Iriidium 9555 is ideal for all environments. Accessible anywhere in the world, this device allows you to benefit from telephony and data transfer services anywhere in the world.

Iridium Motorola 9575 Satellite Phone

The Iridium Extreme is Iridium's latest satellite phone. In addition to high quality telephony and data services, the iridium Extreme has integrated GPS, tracking and SOS button functions.

Iridium GO! Satellite Wi-Fi Hotspot

Iridium Go! offers a truly global connection for satellite voice and data communications on a smartphone and up to 5 mobile devices at the same time!

With Iridium Go!, eliminate roaming costs and benefit from global connectivity (including poles).