Panneau Rigide SUNPOWER 140 watts Back Contact (NOUVEAUTÉS 2016)

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Panneau Rigide SUNPOWER 140 watts Back Contact (NOUVEAUTÉS 2016)
  • 140 watts (power)
  • 540 * 1440 * 35 mm (dimensions)
  • 12.3 kg (weight)
  • 5 years (warranty)
  • Sunpower cells back contact

Seatronic has selected a range of high-performance solar panels that offer excellent value for money. These solar panels use the SUNPOWER (United States) back contact photovoltaic cells which are the most efficient on the market today thanks to their proprietary and patented high efficiency technology. 

Sunpower cells are 20-30% more efficient than monocrystalline cells and have the additional advantage of being extremely reliable (SunPower photovoltaic cells hold the world record for energy production). For example, the SUNPOWER photovoltaic cells have been selected to power the Solar Impulse solar power plant.

The solar panels of the SGR series have a rigid anodized aluminum frame particularly suitable for mounting on a gantry, this range of rigid solar panels ranges from 50 Watts to 110 Watts. 

These solar panels with the neat finish are guaranteed five years parts and labor and their performance is guaranteed for 10 years to 90%. These solar panels are also manufactured according to the ISO9001 and ISO140001 standards in order to guarantee the best quality level. 

A perfectly sealed MC4 connector is available at the solar panel output for electrical connection. The robust aluminum frame can be drilled to secure the boat. The MC4 connector is available as an option.

Characteristics of the solar panel SGR 110 Watts:

  • Power: 140 Watts
  • Dimension of panel 540 * 1440 * 35 mm.
  • Connection: 80 cm of cable with MC4 connector
  • Weight: 12.3kg
  • Characteristic of the frame: Double-walled anodised aluminum (thickness 30 mm)
  • VMPP / IMPP: 22.4V / 5.68A
  • Characteristics of the cells: 46 cells (125mm * 125mm) Sunpower back contact in series.
  • Protective glass of 3.2 mm specially designed to limit reflections
  • Warranty 5 years parts and labor, 10 years to 90% yield and 20 years to 80%


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